Firstly and foremost, we are humble enough to reiterate that we are not blowing our own trumpet! As an ethical English led company we do, in fact, have humility. However, like all successful companies and people, we are proud of what we have created and overjoyed to have survived the savage sabotage, competition and blunders which every business encounters. As a result, we have strengthened  our product, recruited more elegant English Lovelies and perfected our customer service.

Today there is a stupefying amount of sensual massage agencies in London, many of which have sadly loosely modelled their product on Peachy Massage, and hastily erected disastrous disappointments. Disappointing in what manner?  In the very fact that they display false photography of the Masseuses which is disconcerting and unethical – potential customers should purely receive what is offered and to lure a client with misleading photos is, quite frankly, abysmal.  What is more, very often these Masseuses are not trained in Tantric Massage and lack some serious social skills. Heartless Ice Queens are not attractive to anybody, unless you’re Donald Trump!  At Peachy Massage London, we are severely selective about our Peachy Team of Masseuses.

The most crucial factor for myself and my business partner, Angela Randall, is having excellent communication skills, enthusiasm and warmth. We acknowledge that men are visual creatures and revere beauty, however, beauty comes from within as well as on the surface.  As a registered legitimate massage company, we predominately aim to recruit English Masseuses as well as our treasured Aussie, American and Kiwi girls. We are unbiased and operate without prejudice but we know what our clients like. We also have a variety of super friendly Swiss, Swedish and Italian Masseuses. Variety is, indeed, the spice of life. If and when we recruit our foreign treasures, we ensure they speak English immaculately and that they are charming, fabulously friendly and sincere.  Communication is crucial when receiving an excellent massage. The mind as well as the body needs to be stimulated and that is a fact.

As a British Boutique Body to Body Massage Service, Angela and I also ensure all of our magical Masseuses are fully trained in therapeutic massage as well as Tantric techniques. Thus, our ladies perform a real tension releasing massage as opposed to gliding over your body aimlessly. Our Peachy Masseuses are finely tuned with the recipent’s body, reading every gesture and groan as a signal. They are responsive, emotionally intelligent and adore their profession, which really shines forth.

We also know that as a successful sensual massage company, we have accomplished this through team spiritedness. Angela and I care about our ladies and often organise Peachy lunches and birthday celebrations. This enhances general moral and allows them to get to know each other and celebrate their profession.  As company Directors, we then have the opportunity to get to ‘really’ know and understand each Peach, which puts us in an advantageous position when we recommend them to clients. Furthermore, we are nurturing and ensure they feel safe, secure and happy which is extremely important.

As social, curious Beings, Angela and I also often meet our treasured regular clients for coffee, breakfast or supper. We are intrigued to get to know you, hear your opinions and show our appreciation for using our service. We want to excel and it is only through client feedback that we can achieve this.

The other significant factor to consider when utilising a sensual tantric massage London service is client confidentiality. Regrettably, not all agencies comply. As an ethical, English, registered massage company, we never store clients’ details. Although it may be time consuming to keep giving reception your address, it is comforting in the knowledge that we will never keep your credentials. We respect your privacy and in return, we expect you to respect our Masseuses.

As a progressive massage agency we have introduced our very own product of Peachy Massage Oil which is hypoallergenic, acts as a natural lubricant and is kind to ones’ skin. It is scent free to avoid irritation on bodily parts. Naturally, there is a Giant Peach on the bottle which stamps our brand!

Peachy Massage London is Not a massage parlour, neither do we promote escort services or, indeed, offer such services. We specialise in providing sensual massage therapy for men, women and couples. Many women utilise our services so it is not entirely male orientated. Couples feel safe experimenting with a sensual tantric massage as opposed to having full sexual intimacy with a London escort. They prefer the sensual side of the equation.  We are non-judgemental and do not condemn the escort industry. We purely offer a different niche. Sensual Massage is our Speciality.

And so all ladies, gents, regulars and newcomers we welcome You to ‘Our World of Pure Imagination. ‘We confess to being suckers of the movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!’ So come and indulge in some peachiness and explore your imagination.