The Rise of Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage is an incredibly exciting, enthralling and sensuous massage journey that will change and enhance your libido as well as your relationship. Erotic massage leads recipients to discover new depths of intimacy and awareness of their own and their lover’s sexuality.

We in the West can learn much from the Eastern tradition of erotic and sensual massage. Such a sensual form of massage creates a sense of oneness with our lover and enhances sexual energy. There are now numerous erotic massage agencies in London, however, Peachy Massage London is considered the most reliable, discreet and super sensuous of them all. At Peachy we cater for men, ladies and couples. In fact, we have an increase in the demand for couples’ massages in London at present – a sure sign that couples are becoming increasingly adventurous and experimental. London couples who have experienced the Peachy London Couples Massage report an improvement in their sex lives, plus, they try and mirror the sensual massage moves demonstrated by our Masseuses and say their partners love it!

Here are a few thoughts worth bearing in mind when carrying out any erotic massage session as a couple:

  • Focus on your partner. Although erotic massage is, by definition, a two-way pleasure, bear in mind that when you are ‘giving’, you should be focused on your partner rather than yourself. Giving what they love is the goal, not what gives you the most pleasure.
  • Make it personal. What you’ve done with anyone else is irrelevant. Listen to your partner and do what feels good for them in that particular situation. Remember too, that things change over the years, even with that familiar partner.
  • Be creative. Try to avoid repetition when it comes to erotic massage techniques. Always accompany whatever you are doing with other pleasurable forms of stimulation. For example, when massaging with your hands, also use your mouth, breath or voice.
  • Use any – and every part of your body. You can use any part of your anatomy to massage your lover – your entire body. You’ll be amazed to discover how many delicious sensations there are to be experienced.
  • Don’t limit your pleasure. Most of us today have small expectations. There’s no place for this with loving, erotic massage. The only boundary is your imagination.
  • Connect with your partner. Erotic massage is about harmonizing and connecting with each other. Try kind words, gazing into one another’s eyes, synchronizing your breathing, caressing one another’s face or hands, or lying close and hugging. You’ll soon discover what excites and interests you both. The idea is to tune out the rest of the world. Remember erotic massage is about the journey, not the end goal. Your aim is to enjoy the sensations and emotions.

In conclusion, erotic massage is extremely liberating and exciting. To take your relationship to a new provocative plateau, I would advise all couples to try a Peachy couples massage when you’re next in London. Add some erotic respite to your day!