All human beings are in search of a nirvana like state of happiness yet so often we stumble and fail to even achieve a fragment of happiness. We are all caught up in our predicable patterns of life, the monotony of work schedules and copious life constraints. Many of us feel ‘trapped,’ or ‘enslaved’ – a slave to work and to family ties. We follow ‘the bewildered herd’ until one day, some of us wake up, become enlightened and feel impassioned to do something ‘different’ and alter the course of our apparent fate.
Toxic happiness is never long lasting. As a nation, we tend to rely on self-medication in the form of alcohol and stimulants but ultimately this only makes us feel worse. We rely on limitless bottles of wine as a means to unwind from the gruelling drudgery of the day, consoling ourselves that it is good for our health! We all know that we use this as a pretext to drink more. It’s all about being honest with oneself, and becoming more self-aware.

Studies prove that engaging in a new pastime and choosing something ‘out of the norm’ enhances one’s overall happiness. Relaxation is Key to one’s mental and physical equilibrium and that is exactly what Peachy Massage London can offer you. Relaxation in the form of sensual massage – a therapeutic massage with a sensuous fusion of Tantric Massage. An opportunity to have some sweet intimacy without the demands of sexual intercourse. A big hug with a warm hearted, gentle Masseuse. A real state of inner happiness and harmony. These massages fill a void – the emptiness inside you is obliterated and instead you will feel more at peace, confident and happy.

Many people believe being happy means being rich and having status. Although we all need money to thrive and survive, it never brings us pure happiness. Society and particularly the media leads us into a false sense of security which is fruitless. Money gives us more choices in life but it cannot make a person completely happy. New experiences make us happy as well as exploration, being with friends and pursuing our passions in life. Happiness can be the freedom to love or be attracted to more than one woman. This is not about promoting infidelity. Instead it is about being realistic. Society expects men to marry young, have children and then abandon their intimate urges. At Peachy we do not offer sexual encounters. As a British led luxury massage service we offer sensuality in the form of massage, touch, listening and communicating.

Having another intelligent Being listening to you in a non-judgemental manner is extremely liberating and comforting. That is why we purely recruit intelligent, savvy and fabulously friendly Masseuses. Good looks are a bonus of course but a true Peach has to have a combination of social etiquette, intelligence and a natural beauty. All too often people feel afraid of being lonely and settle with a partner who makes them unhappy. That’s the sad reality. We are afraid to be alone and have others judge our non-conformist lifestyle. The crucial question to ask oneself is, ‘Does the person in your life bring you mostly up or down?’ ‘Does he/she comfort you and make you feel truly happy?’ Happiness is being loved for Who You Are.

Another important factor of achieving happiness is living in the present. So often we only envisage happiness in the future. Many of us console ourselves by saying that we’ll be happy one day in the distant future. Yet who knows what the future will bring. There is no crystal ball and there is no certainty. Living in the present is the way forward and crucial to the obtainment of happiness. Make the necessary changes to your life Now as opposed to waiting for the future to bring some miraculous change!
We all have our passions in life and some of us feel a certain ‘Calling.’ That can be in the form of helping others through charitable means, trekking through the wilderness, helping abandoned and abused animals or simply being near one’s family to take care of them. It can be spiritual or simple. Whatever it is, we should take the time to reflect upon it and take action. Easier said than done when we have work and family commitments but it is still achievable if you put your mind to it.

Probably the most important key to Happiness is about feeling completely Alive! Ask yourself, what makes you tick, what are you passions, what is missing from your life. Do you feel uplifted, enamoured and stimulated? Materialism doesn’t make one happy. Experiences in life bring joy and serenity. Indulging in pleasurable pursuits enhance happiness. That’s why we have carefully concocted a means of pleasure through sensual tantric massage – a remedy for the stresses and strains of life, an uplifting, life-affirming experience which makes you feel Alive and truly revived. We care about our clients’ needs and this has been reflected in our service for over seven years. Our pleasure is Your Pleasure and we aim to bring pure and utter happiness to your Lives. A rapturous, long-lasting pleasure which you will most certainly treasure for eternity.