The Joy Of A Lingam Massage
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In the Sanskrit language, “lingam” is a word that refers to the sexual organ of the male human form. Roughly translated, it means ‘pillar of light.’ Within the realm of Tantra, there is honour and respect for the lingam, as it is considered a channel or pathway for both pleasure and sexual energy.

The lingam form of massage has a focus on clearing energy pathways and blockages, which is thought to promote the bodies healing process. A sensual and intimate male adult massage, nothing is like this intimate form of relieving massage. For a similar experience for the lady then view details of our Yoni massage or make it a couples massage to delight and invigorate you both!

While the massage’s purpose is not for the recipient to climax, due to the initiate and erotic nature and exquisite talent of your Peachy Masseuse, you may become highly aroused and achieve an orgasm. This massage is an experience and is an intense feeling that engulfs your entire body in waves of pleasure.

Lingam Massage Experts

A Lingam London massage is truly a world-class experience that will leave, you in a state of bliss. A sensual massage that is going to heighten all your senses and proves liberating, relaxing, and healing as an experience. The lingam massage aims to create a higher sense of spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness.

Our peachy masseuses are Lingam Massage experts and they will be on hand to create the perfect atmosphere to get the most from your intimate massage. While the physical pleasure seems to never reach it’s zenith, we also know that for many men, the massage operates on more than just a sexual level. Energy will flow; you will feel utterly relaxed as both you and your masseuse feel as though you are intertwining to a point of harmony and synchronicity.

Our Lingam massage can assist to remove any blocks from toxins accumulation or build-up and once cleared, health is improved not just on a physical level, but also in a spiritual and emotional way. This happens because the life force of prana can flow freely again, both through the body and around it. We will help you maintain a free-flowing energetic connection. There are powerful forces in play in this kind of massage, and intense pleasure can happen here.

A Typical Expert Lingam Massage

A typical lingam massage is a specific series of over two dozen distinct holds that both build and then also release pressure. It has been described as feeling like there are rising waves that then crash down, building and building with ever growing intensity and delight. As this energy builds up, it is held deliciously before being allowed to disperse and spreads over the entire body.

What makes a lingam massage a profound experience is the way your body accepts the feelings of pleasure while also being in a state of total surrender. Lingam massage is spiritual, not just sexual. When done professionally you can experience a complete sense of liberation and freedom for your mind as well as your body, surrender to the joy that comes with sharing the ritual. You should release yourself, surrender to your peachy masseuse, and choose to be completely passive in your role, but also be fully conscious and aware of the various sensations rolling through your body.

While this massage is designed to be healing and spiritual, physical shivering might occur as Kundalini energy pulsates and releases in the recipient. Enjoy these pleasurable shockwaves, immerse yourself in the sensations. It is common for arousal of the lingam (penis) to occur in the recipient of this massage, and so climax or orgasm may occur during the process. These sensual levels of energy where prana is then free to flow without resistance, creating an air of new energy in are welcomed. You are invited to experience the very best Lingam massage available in London. Contact us now or book online to release yourself and heal yourself and find a spiritual experience awaits you.

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