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The Benefits of Erotic Massage

Benefits of Erotic Massage

Real Happiness as opposed to Toxic Happiness

Therapeutic massage blended with erotic massage has profound and wonderful effects physically and emotionally for all beings. Virtually every part of the body feels energized and restored after a full body erotic massage and this produces a natural high, which is far better and healthier than any toxic high!

A pure hour of peace and tender erotic massage stablizes the mind as well as the body. Recipients of an erotic massage experience a steady emotional calm, similar to the state people achieve after meditation and all nervous tension is banished. One feels more lucid and can think more clearly which is essential for self awareness. A well-massaged person becomes more alert and responsive.


Therapeutic massage combined with erotic massage helps fluids pass through the body: blood and lymph. Simple massage circulation movements triples the flow of both substances, whilst toning the vascular system. Massage helps to reduce blood pressure and focusing merely for five minutes on a single part of the body such as the neck, boosts blood supply by up to 85%. Consequently, this increases the oxygen content of the tissue by 10%, which acts as a natural pain reliever or anesthetic. The effects on the lymph system are even more profound. Toxins and acidic wastes are dispersed from the body within minutes, which naturally makes you feel healthier and more energized.

Massage is also remarkably good for the skin – so long as a high quality massage oil is utilized. Rough skin will become more supple and dead, brittle skin is swept aside. As massage increases the body’s circulation, the recipient’s skin and hair will subsequently have a healthy glow.

Massage Eases Wrinkles

We all have them when we reach a certain age and no matter how expensive face creams are, they do not work. Facial wrinkles are caused by poor muscle tone in the hypodermis. (from Greek meaning ‘beneath the skin’). A simple fingertip facial massage can work wonders on the skin and facial muscles recover and improve.

The Nervous System 

Therapeutic massage blended with erotic massage has soothing effects on the nervous system and when nerves are soothed, the rest of the body will follow. Light massage pressure stimulates the nerves, whilst heavy pressure will sedate them. Generally, women require less pressure as the female nervous system is more sensitive to men’s. Acidic wastes irritate the nerves and cause melancholy and distress. Clearing your system of toxic waste will elevate your mood and subsequently lead to contentment.

Eradication of Stress

Stress can sometimes be a physiological problem and not always a psychological issue. If the body’s muscles are bathed in toxins and acids, it is impossible to escape anxiety, depression and fatigue. When these toxins remain in the body, stress is generated. Massaging the entire body eases stress and these tension-causing chemicals are eliminated. Simple massage strokes bring about the fabulous fluid release effect – the body rids itself of the fluids that keep muscles endlessly tense. Thus, massage accelerates the body’s natural cleansing process. The lymph system is squeezed out like a sponge in literally minutes. Research has proven that substances that cause fatigue such as nitrogen, sugar and sodium chloride, are expelled from the body at rapid rates up to a full week after a single massage experience. Instead oxygen rich blood floods into the muscles and consequently fatigue vanishes, those dull aches and pains ease and one feels more well balanced and happier. And that explains why so many Olympic Teams would always have a Masseur/Masseuse at hand.

Erotic massage therapy is not merely a sexy massage. Erotic massage is a drugless therapy that breaks the vicious cycle of tension and allows human beings to feel more wholesome, less stressed and invigorated. It stabilizes the mind as well as the body. The benefits are endless and must be enjoyed by all.

26th September 2014 Heidi