Prostrate Massage London Luxury

Rediscover yourself, be curious in life and explore your sensuality in a safe, professional environment with the soothing touch and expertise of our Peachy Massage Therapists.  As London’s leading Tantric Massage Service, you have the wonderful option of experiencing Prostate Massage therapy within your Tantric Massage journey. Our sweet, pretty Peaches are professionally trained to give you the most pleasurable and seductive Prostate Massage London has to offer! Thus, ensuring you feel completely at ease to receive this ultimate form of stimulation.

What is the Concept of Prostate Massage London Therapy?

The overall aim of Tantric Massage is to sexually awaken every inch of your body, to release blocked energy and to open your mind to a whole new way of thinking and feeling. Tantra touch combined with a lingam massage allows a male to become better acquainted with his body. The male G-spot, also referred as the P-spot is located on the prostate gland. This form of massage is also known as ‘The Sacred Spot’ Massage. Tantric philosophy views the male G-Spot as the man’s emotional sexual centre. Thus, after receiving a ‘Sacred Spot Massage’ many men become very emotional or feel a huge sense of relief. Prostate Massage Therapy is deeply satisfying for ALL men. It heightens sensitivity, therefore, allowing a man to experience immense arousal and mind-blowing orgasms!

Prostate Massage London Pleasure

The male G-Spot is an extremely important small gland, about the size of a walnut, which sits just below the bladder, above the anus and in front of the rectum.  Despite the absurd taboos associated with anal massage and a man’s primal fear that this will be deemed ‘homosexual behaviour’, it is a total homophobic misconception. ALL men have prostate glands and if the prostate is the main source of intense sensual pleasure, culminating in explosive orgasms, every single male should explore such pleasure. So what are you waiting for..? Add to Life’s Rich Tapestry by sampling the spine-tingling Peachy Prostate Massage in London with one of our magnificent Masseuses!

What are the Benefits of having a Peachy London Prostate Massage?

The benefits are endless and not just about increased orgasms! Experiencing a Peachy prostate Massage is an effective means of maintaining your prostate health and reducing your risk of prostate cancer. This is a remarkable benefit. It has been scientifically proven that such massage therapy improves erectile function and increases blood circulation in the male genitalia. Other health benefits include a high possibility of curing prostatitis which is phenomenal. Furthermore, you will reduce immense stress, chronic tension which will ultimately make you happier and feel empowered.

Tantric Massage blended with a Peachy Prostate Massage Ending

Tantric Massage fused with a luxury and super exciting prostate massage helps break down the barriers of genital armouring which lead to sexual dysfunctions. Male genital armouring is caused by feelings of guilt and fear.  The complete relaxed ambiance and heightened sensitivity you receive by having a Peachy Prostate Massage in London will allow you to experience pleasure like never before! These massages are a form of sexual healing, allowing the individual to encounter pure and utter ecstasy.

What should I expect from my first Peachy Prostate Massage?

As this is ultimately a Tantric Massage culminating in a prostate massage ending, your entire torso will be soothed, massaged and caressed from head to toe. Your Peachy Massage Therapist will seductively arouse all your senses, stimulating all of your erogenous zones – not just the male lingam and prostate gland! Erotic energy is associated with moving towards the goal of orgasm and cultivating erotic bliss. Extremely gently and with plenty of lubrication, your Masseuse will massage your lingam with her right hand and stimulate your Sacred Spot with her left hand. Let the fingers do the talking here! The idea is to move slowly and use  one finger, arched in a ‘come hither’ gesture. The prostate is extremely sensitive to touch so by simply stroking the gland allows the male to experience sublime sensations like never before. The overall effect of having the lingam and prostate simultaneously stimulated gives men a huge rush which is caused by the notion that the male has placed himself in an extremely vulnerable position for the first time, which is highly exciting and liberating. Men are naturally more dominant generally so being placed in a more submissive role is something  very different and sexy!

So for more that super intimate sensual pleasure book your Peachy Tantric Massage Today with the Sacred Spot experience. You will rediscover your body, eliminate any guilt by dissolving body armour and enhance your entire experience with a Peachy Prostate Massage finale! It is a red hot massage with an explosive ending which you will repeat again and again. We are the ‘Sensual Happiness People.’ Welcome to our world. Heidi xx