My Erotic Massage experience – Fantasy Story

I had secured a multi-million pound deal for the Firm and needed to celebrate in style. I work hard so shall play harder! My motto in this demanding life.

I consider myself to be a connoisseur of eroticism. So treating myself to a fabulous erotic massage in London was a real reward. I am well travelled and have experienced erotic massage in all parts of the Globe but can honestly say, Peachy Massage London offers the most unforgettable massage service in the world. Emily, the sexy speaking concierge at Peachy always looks after me during my visits to London. We have a great rapport and she understands my taste in ladies and goes out of her way to send me the most compatible masseuses.

In fact, I am often spoiled for choice. Emily recruits the most perfectly peachy massage therapists. Where does she find such beauties? On another planet, is my guess. As well as obvious good looks, these delectable Honeys have warm and beautiful personalities. It’s hard to find a True Beauty and for me, that means having a beautiful mind as well as being aesthetically pleasing on the eye! If Carlsberg did massage, it would be exactly like Peachy.

And so back to my Peachy pampering session. Emily recommended Summer – great name. Conjures up a feeling of warmth and vitality. And Summer was exactly like her name – shining with beauty and glowing with warmth. She was Australian and certainly created some thunder down under for me!

This ray of sunshine sure brightened up my day. She was tall with a brilliantly toned torso and luscious long legs. A ladder to the garden of Eden! With her long, blonde hair and dreamy eyes, Summer clinked her glass of champagne against mine. This young, deliciously stunning creature was fascinating and made me laugh out loud. I realized I hadn’t laughed for a while! A sad realization. She was witty and girly. I liked her style. I wish I was young enough to sweep this Peach up off her feet and take her away to a land of sun and sea.

Summer held my hand and led me to the king sized bed – a majestic bed adorned with posts and curtains. This is, after all, a regal experience, fit for a King!

Summer was so graceful, she moved and slid her beautiful body over me like a hungry tigress, caressing my entire body, lavishing me with her touch and tracing her lips along my chest.

To the melodious waves of sensuous massage music, Summer swept a silk scarf across my body and to my surprise tied my hands together with a cheeky smirk on her gorgeous face. ‘Let me take control,’ she whispered. And with that, she crawled cat like across my face arching her back and pointing her beautifully manicured toes. She teasingly stroked my body with a black feather, then cupped some more sweetly scented massage oil from a wooden bowl, allowing it to trickle over me. She massaged my inner thighs and held my foot against her chest. My toes tingled as she massaged each one whilst intermittently sliding a finger between each of one toe. This Tantric Treasure really knew how to give an amazing erotic massage and what is more, she clearly loved it!

As I continued to ride the waves of sensual massage rapture, I was taken to a dizzying summit of sensual surrender. I capitulated to this Peachy Provocateur. I released my tsunami of tension and felt a huge sense of relief, harmony and contentment. I was a new man again.

I think my new addiction is to Peaches! I have no qualms saying it out loud. Peachy Massage London rocks my world and I want more of this succulent peachy nectar to feature in my life. I need these erotic massages – they make me feel wholesome and alive again. Long live the Peachy Kingdom. At least now, I have a healthy addiction!