Meditation, Mindfulness and Executive Massage London Therapy

Most of us feel the constant pressure of a busy day – our minds racing like Lamborghinis and we often get caught up with ‘what we haven’t yet done.’ There’s just so much to do and too much to think about! As a result we feel over anxious, stressed and disappointed.

To conquer this overwhelming anxiety in life we truly need to practice various factors as our coping mechanisms. The key is to actually acknowledge your angst in the first place and gently allow it to pass. Anxious thoughts always fade. Instead of fighting it, accept the situation and try to be/live in the present moment. During difficult, crazy busy days, simply take two minutes to stop and focus on your breathing. This will calm you immensely and help clarify your thoughts.

Keeping on top of pressure and trying to live in the present, as opposed to the past or future will allow you to appreciate the here and now, the beauty of nature, birdsong, a happy smile, and you will ultimately think more clearly.

This combination of mindfulness, meditation and massage therapy allows everybody to fully relax, cut out the constant mental mind chatter and consequently feel more connected to life and more joyful. Feeling more content allows us to make better choices in life and create harmonious balance within our Beings.

Consequently we tend to go on to build stronger more meaningful relationships at work and socially and we begin to appreciate the ‘wonderfulness of the Ordinary.’ For example the sunlight, the sky, nature, our lovers, friends and so forth.

In life’s testing moments of aggressio and anxiety, we cannot possibly appreciate the beauty which surrounds us. It is only when we STOP for one moment, take a break and enjoy the enthralling experience of a beautiful mind/body connection given lovingly by an Executive London Massage. With such superbly sensuous massages you can finally begin to relax and tease out those years of tension.

Mindfulness meditation merged with the Crowning Glory of heavenly full body to body London massage will slow you down, so you feel so much more grounded and alert. Your self-awareness will sky rocket which only means one thing! You will know what truly makes you happy in life. Negative patterns of thinking will be a form of the past – you will break away from such confines and feel more confident, courageous and content.  HAPPY and FREE. As human beings we secretly crave that. We crave to be loved, caressed and nurtured.

So get out of your HUMDRUM, unadventurous, meaningless life and join us Peaches for a veritable feast of the senses – one in which will calm your overactive beautiful mind. We relish Your Pleasure. Heidi x