Tantric Massage

The Peachy Classic Sensual Tantric Massage

The Peachy Classic sensual tantric massage is a true treat for the senses. Your personal Peachy Masseuse uses an infusion of pure natural Peachy massage oil to soothe your daily tension, massaging you from your head to the tips of your toes. This full body massage is a combination of therapeutic massage, body to body stimulation and Tantric techniques. The focus of this particular massage is to increase your sensual energy and allow it to flow freely around your body, kneading your tired torso and bringing you to a height of ecstatic pleasure. All of your senses are aroused – some gentle, sensuous music will softly taking you to a place of bliss and harmony. The Peachy sensual tantric massage promotes reverence and worship of the recipient’s body, rather than the concealment of it.

Unlike erotic massage which purely concentrates entirely on physical foreplay, the Peachy sensual tantric massage is about sensual communication, connection with another being emotionally and physically and fully enjoying the massage journey in which you will experience full sensual energy flow, complete relaxation and an incredibly intense and prolonged climactic experience.

You are encourages to breathe slowly and deeply through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth and visualization techniques can intensify your massage experience. Tantric Massage is emotionally healing and a very loving process. It is not goal orientated – sexual intercourse does not feature within the journey. And our clients who use Tantric Massage report increased sensations of wellbeing an even increased productivity in their daily lives. It is about bonding, pure intimacy and pleasure.


Why choose A Tantric London Massage as opposed to Escort London Services?

The choice is naturally yours, however, we are bound to have a biased attitude when it comes to advocating Tantric Massage London Services. We also believe that a sensual massage is far better for your physical and mental well- being. In fact, sensual tantric massage can be far more enthralling and liberating than having sexual intercourse! This is a fact and many of our clients agree. Statistically there is also proof.

We do not condemn escort London services, however, we are a registered legitimate company and do not wish to run such a company. We believe the beauty of touch, therapeutic massage blended with a sensuous massage flavour is far more affectionate, uplifting and fulfilling.

Tantric Massage is healing and life-affirming. The recipient’s body is worshipped and adored. Your tension is fully released through therapeutic massage techniques and all of your senses are sensationally stimulated. A quick fix with a London Escort does not give you the same fulfilment. It is often impersonal, lack lustre and rushed. Fake intimacy is zero intimacy.

Our sensual tantric London Massages are designed to revive you, engage you and fill that inner void. The Peachy Tantric Massage is very affectionate, elegant, artistic and unrushed. Our aim is to make You feel happy and special. The major difference is the fact that our Masseuses Love their profession and are not ashamed to reveal that they specialize in Tantric Massage. They are educated, naturally sensuous and well balanced. They do not simply see this Art as a money making objective. They adore what they do and this is crucial.

Receiving the power of touch, feather like caresses and tenderness really does wonders for the soul. It energizes the body, releases toxins and eliminates your mind chatter. We all crave affection and pleasure in this world so what better way to experience this than relish an Elite Tantric London Massage with an English ethical company.

All of our beautiful Masseuses are carefully selected. A stringent interview takes place, followed by Tantric Massage training and we monitor their performance by receiving feedback from our cherished clients. We simply and only recruit Masseuses who are educated, enthusiastic, good natured and highly skilled. Communication skills are crucial and if we cannot converse with potential Peachy Masseuses, we refuse to allow them to join our Team. Many clients crave a decent conversation before their Tantric Massage and we feel this is part of your entire experience.

As an English Tantric Massage London company we aim for pure excellence. Over the course of 7 years we have learnt and improved. We have experienced terrible competitor sabotage but we will continue to battle and prove to all clients that we offer the most entrancing, enticing London Tantric Massage with the most fabulous Masseuses who we know well and cherish.
Add some pleasure to your life with the best London Tantric Massage. Thank Heavens for Peachy Girls!


London Tantric

The need for adult relaxation therapy in the form of London Tantric massage is exceedingly popular now and has really soared within the last 7 years. And it is not only gentlemen who are seeking this special intimacy and sexual healing. We have noticed a surge of women and couples experimenting with the delights of London Tantric massage so there is an obvious need for the power of touch, connection and intimacy in our hectic modern lifestyles.
Similar to erotic massage, London Tantric differs from conventional massage in that it promotes attention to one’s entire body and involves nude massage, as well as body to body massage sequences. Tantra promotes reverence and worship of the body and is spiritual as well as healing.

The basic aim of London Tantric is to increase sexual energy and allow it to flow freely around the body. In many cultures the predominant aim of love-making is to obtain an orgasm as quickly as possible. The entire message of Tantric Massage is to simply enjoy the sensual journey, to build up one’s sexual energy gradually so as to achieve an incredibly intense and prolonged climax experience.

Clients who use the Art of London Tantric report increased sensations of wellbeing and even increased productivity in their everyday lives. Other aspects that play a key role in Tantric Massage are space and setting, the use of hypoallergenic quality massage oils, scents, ritual bathing and a focus on breathing patterns.
It is important to awaken the sensuality of your massage recipient by touching him or her with full awareness and admiration. It is also crucial to balance the energy centres of the body – in Tantra and other ancient healing practices the body is said to have 7 major energy centres – running from the tailbone all the way to the crown of the head. These energy centres are known as chakras. The entire purpose of London Tantric Massage is sensual pleasure, deep relaxation and pure enjoyment.

These London Tantric massages can be very liberating emotionally and physically. It is not uncommon for the massage recipient to become emotionally overwhelmed during a sensually pleasurable experience. This is a result of releasing one’s emotional tension and simply having the warmth of human contact once again. We all crave human touch yet we are all too busy to allow ourselves to appreciate it and society has become so alienated due to the rise of technology. Too often, we are glued to our laptops, iphones and ipads and forget to live life and experience the wonderfulness of the ordinary as well as the extraordinary power of touch and human contact. As a result of this isolation which the advancement of technology has created, many people feel lonely, lack lustre and so turn to alcohol or drugs to self-medicate. The internet dating scene has also exploded due to this ‘segregation from society’ and instead of meeting our partners by chance or unconventionally, we have this unhealthy reliance on internet dating. Internet dating is not a complete absurdity as many happy couples have met via this method but we all seem to rely on it too heavily and forget to get out and live.

There is a solution to this unhealthy pattern of dating and to our need to self-medicate. Naturally at Peachy we promote Alcoholics Anonymous which is the best way to get sober and live a healthy life. There are an abundance of AA Meetings every day in London. We also encourage ‘physical contact’ and human connection in the form of London Tantric Massage. It will enhance your spirits and provide you with the necessary intimacy in your life, without entering the sordid world of escorting which is very much an emotionally unfulfilling sexual experience, leaving you feeling empty and alone.

Choose a Peachy Life and experience the wonderful Art of Seductive Massage with a London Tantric mesmerising massage. Life changing.

Discovering Tantric Touch

Tantric Touch takes erotic massage to the next level and recipients experience a more profound level of sensual awareness. Tantra can mean different things to different people and some view it as a mysterious practice. However, for those who have experienced tantric massage it represents a very practical way in which to heighten the sensual connection between two beings.

Tantric massage focuses on stimulating the ‘energy body’ and encourages the flow of energy through the chakras. Tantric philosophy determines that we have a physical body as well as an energetic or subtle body that consists of chakras. The seven chakras in the body represent a different plane of awareness. The first chakra is on the perineum and the seventh chakra is situated at the crown of the head. The ones in between are situated at the lower abdomen, the heart, the solar plexus, throat and brow. Tantric massage is about moving energy up through the chakras which heals the body of any tension stored and leaves the massage recipient feeling invigorated.

The principle aim of Tantric massage is to harness sexual energy and to redirect it through the chakras, rather than simply dispelling it externally through orgasm. Tantra focuses on building up erotic pleasure slowly so the blissful sensations within the body are enhanced and last. This allows for a deeper sense of connection with your massage recipient or your lover.

The core principles of Tantra; breathing, eye contact, visualization, eye contact and massage techniques enable the recipient to slip into a deep meditative trance whereby he/she is purely in the moment, allowing all tension to dissipate.

Tantric Massage dissolves body armouring

Body Armouring is a concept developed by the Austrian/American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (1897 -1956) which is the process of physically shutting down in response to negative or traumatic experiences in life. Many of us store tension in our muscles and bodies due to negative emotional experiences or traumas and, consequently, our bodies become closed and insensitive to touch. This is because the body’s energy flow is blocked which diminishes our physical responses and pleasure. Tantric Massage dissolves this tension, increases the energy flow up through the chakras and as a result sensitivity returns.

Tantric Massage is A Healing Massage

Tantric Massage is designed to overcome body armouring by slowly and methodically massaging tension away. The way in which a massage is performed is more important than the massage techniques  applied. A healing Tantric massage needs to be given with tenderness and compassion. Lover often report that Tantric Massage increases their level of intimacy because it involves a high level of trust and vulnerability.

Sensual Awakening

Tantric Massage, thus, tunes into and harnesses your sexual energy which in turn heightens your sensual pleasure.  This form of massage turns erotic pleasure into an entire body experience, rather than a purely genital experience. Tantric Massage cultivates erotic blissful sensations that course throughout the body and vibrations can be felt from head to toe. Every inch of the body is awakened, refreshed and energized. Tantric Massage is a form of healing. It is affectionate, loving and very spiritual.

The Benefits of Tantric Massage

The hectic and stressful lifestyles we all lead today cause huge amounts of physical, emotional and even sexual disorders. Thus, it is imperative to find some form of enjoyment to replenish one’s strength and bring pleasure. Tantric Massage has been proven to provide complete relaxation, comfort and serenity – a real release in this challenging Modern World.


Despite being an erotic massage, tantric massage does not entail sexual intercourse. The aim is to fully relax the recipient’s body to such an extent that he/she notices health improvements.


With today’s pressures of long working hours, marathon commutes, constant decision making, raising a healthy family, Tantric Massage allows you to clear your mind completely and brings you to a state of full relaxation. All of your stress and tension is eliminated and since stress is one of life’s fatal conditions – this type of massage healing comes highly recommended.



In most cultures men have the pressure of performance during a moment of passion. Such anxiety can naturally cause premature ejaculation. It is very normal. Within Tantric Massage there is no such expectation of men to perform. They merely relax and enjoy the sensations. Tantric Massage is about prolonging the sensual pleasure of touch, which in turn helps a man’s ability to delay his climax. Naturally, all men are thrilled to learn this technique as you may well imagine.

Having and giving a sensual tantric massage is one of the very best ways to learn about your own body and how it works, which parts create delightful sensations and which areas feel less exciting. With Tantric Massage you truly understand what strokes, sooth, please and heighten your pleasure.



It is only natural that as we age, our hormone levels decline. Consequently, this can make it more difficult for a more mature gent to achieve orgasm. Experimenting with an Executive London Tantric Massage Service helps awaken all dormant senses and aides the production of sex hormones. Thus, orgasm can be easily reached.

Woman are very different to men – more emotional, sensitive and do not often have the same sex drive. Some women are not even aware of their own bodies or what sensations they like and dislike.

Although, Tantric Massage is NOT about sexual intimacy, it will help women to understand their bodies and needs better. As a consequence, they derive more pleasure during any form of sexual activity. There are women who find it impossible to obtain an orgasm. The beauty of Tantric Massage is that is helps to integrate their mind and body, awakens their sensuality, which in turn helps them to reach a full-body orgasm. A perfect result.

Tantric Massage provides one of the greatest forms of relaxation and pleasure for your body, mind and soul, without having to reciprocate. It involves massaging the entire torso, as well as those super sensitive areas which is why it is fantastically liberating, empowering and profoundly fulfilling.

Tantra is about cherishing and celebrating one’s body. Experience the ultimate London Massage today and make your life Extraordinary!