Naturist Massage in London

The Peachy Nuru Massage London

Nuru massage is a sensual full body to body massage in which both the Masseuse and recipient are naked, thus they are also considered as Naturist Massage Therapy. The Peachy Masseuse slides her entire naked body against the recipient’s body utilising Nuru gel – as opposed to massage oil. The gel is applied generously to the client’s body and powerful tactile sensations are triggered that are designed to heighten the client’s arousal and relieve stress.

Nuru Massage originated in Japan as a preference for a sensual massage whereby the Masseuse utilised an odourless and tastless massage oil that was derived from seaweed leaves – aka Nuru gel.

At the beginning of your Peachy London Nuru Massage, your Peachy Geisha girl will bathe you in the shower, lead you onto a bed covered with a rubber fitted sheet and once you are comfortable and relaxed she will cover your body in this natural based nuru gel. The Nuru gel allows for a slippery affect, hence when she is sliding and gliding over your body, you will be taken on an utterly orgasmic journey. Our Elite Peach, Eva, specialises in The Peachy Nuru London Massage.

Compelling Reasons To Try Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a massage style that originated from Japan. This is an erotic massage style that is intensely sensual between two people as they use full body contact as a way to both relax the body and to stimulate the senses. The massage is performed when both you and your masseuse are completely nude. The experience and tactility is enhanced as you and she are covered in an ultra slippery, thick Nuru massage gel. The word Nuru means smooth/slippery in Japanese so this makes perfect sense when it comes to this fun, enjoyable and incredibly sensual massage experience.

Nuru Massage – Full bodied and superior satisfaction

A Nuru massage may not be something you have tried before but it is a real delight, incredibly relaxing and phenomenally stimulating at the same time. If you are feeling inspired, you should know that there is nothing that is more stimulating than having two bodies rubbing up against one another that are fully naked. Every dip and curve of your masseuse’s body connects with every tip and edge of your own body. A Nuru massage is full body-to-body contact and it is incredibly rewarding. It is about creating a connection and generating a truly tantalizing feeling, much more so than a traditional oil adult massage. When you use the whole body, you can work on relieving all the pressure points and delivering complete satisfaction that is both erotic and sensual.

What Is a Nuru Massage

Naughty Nuru Massage

When your two bodies are working together, this is highly arousing for many and it can bring you to full arousal like nothing else that you have ever experienced. What that means is that you can really take things to a whole new level for a sense of ultimate gratification. Also, as sensual and erotic as the Nuru massage is, you can also experience a deeper level of connection. Nothing is more intimate than being naked together and discovering how an entire body gliding over your own can release all that pent up stress.

When you take part in Nuru massage with your Peachy masseuse, you will have the ability to explore every inch of one another as your bodies connect and gather a whole new perspective not just on how they look, but also on how they feel. This kind of comfort and intimacy will allow you to bond and connect on a level that is very deep and emotional. As the massage intensity builds, you will be able to forget all your cares and relax into a deeply open state as you experience the pleasure, relief and joy with this kind of intimate massage that is like no other, learning to experience Zen like pleasure while using your entire body.

While it may seem naughty, there is nothing bad about giving yourself the pleasure of a Nuru massage. Not only is this very intoxicating, but this type of adult massage also brings with it a great deal of health benefits. The massage gel is unique, rich in nutrients and vitamins, and works to hydrate the skin while improving elasticity and dispersing fatty deposits keeping your skin strong, yet supple. The body-to-body connection and rhythm along with the massage gel will also help with your circulation. This massage is wonderful for helping reduce or remove stress, soothing your muscle aches and it can even boost both the digestive and immune systems. This type of erotic massage helps with both your physical and psychological well-being.

You can really awaken your senses simply by taking part in touching sensuality. Nuru as a massage style is a kind of celebration of your senses and it works best when you are able to incorporate incredible ambiance such as dimmed lighting, music and of course, your favourite peachy masseuse. The senses will be awakened automatically as the gel starts to get moved around all over the body. Not only that, but you will be much more sensitive to each movement and it is truly an experience that you will not soon forget. So what are you waiting for call now or book online to schedule your Peachy Nuru London Massage today. We’re ready when you are.