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Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage

Why not add some intimacy to your life in the form of erotic Body to Body Massage when you’re next in London?

Massage is hypnosis of the body.  A body to body massage is one of life’s most delicious experiences. The overall aim of this special sensuous massage is to spread immense pleasure over every inch of the client’s torso, thus, allowing the recipient to fully relax and surrender to the power of seductive massage touch.

All of our Peachy Masseuses are qualified and trained therapeutic Masseuses, however, their expertise and training extends to incorporate these sublime body to body massage slides and glides which intensifies your overall tantric experience.

A warm, gratifying physical pleasure will totally envelop your body as your Peachy Masseuse uses the full softness of her feminine naked curves to enhance and excite your senses.

We all love being touched as human beings and simply having unhurried warm body to body contact brings about a huge release of tension as well as a state of complete euphoria.

Sliding and gliding rhythmically and gracefully over every inch of your body, your Masseuse tantalisingly  and alluringly brings  you to the very peak of your climax several times before your final full explosive lingam massage release.

Skin on skin is a powerful thing. The intimacy, deep relaxation and intensity of a full body to body London massage is unrivalled.  It makes you feel present, whole and truly alive again. Too often in our hectic modern lifestyles we deprive ourselves of the nourishing contact of another Being. The spiritual and emotional benefits which are unlocked when you experience continuous body to body contact with Tantric techniques are endless.  Your Masseuse’s touch becomes a physical bond between you both. It is a veritable sensual feast of the senses.

Our body to body massages are performed naked, thus, they are considered to be naturist massage therapy. All of our exquisite Masseuses utilise the highest quality warm hypoallergenic Peachy massage oil, made in Switzerland and also a natural lubricant.  This magnificent body to body massage oil allows your Masseuse to rhythmically glide against your body, therefore, heightening your physical release and your overall pleasure. It is an exquisitely tender ceremony.

When you are next in London on business or on holiday, treat yourself to the pure pleasure of a Peachy London body to body massage. We have been in business for over 8 years and present London’s most talented and friendly Massage Therapists. All of our massages are performed with the accompaniment of sensuous massage music and soft candlelight to enhance the overall blissful ambiance.

All of our highly trained, classy and magnificent Masseuses specialise in the Art of Body to Body London Massage.

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