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Adult Massages

stress-pic-300x224Stress Management

In today’s frenetic modern society we all have to deal with the pressure and tension of stress. We may have a fabulous job, wife and life but every individual has to endure the ramifications that stress causes. Stress kills – high blood pressure leads to heart attacks and when stress hormones are malfunctioning, the consequences can be chronic activation and damage to the brain and vasculature. Stress not only leads to cardiovascular disease, it can also lead to weight gain. Stress induced weight gain typically involves an increase in belly fat which is the most dangerous fat for your body to accumulate as it increases your cardiovascular risk. As well as heart disease and depression, chronic stress has been linked to a diverse range of ailments such as gum disease, erectile dysfunction, intestinal issues and cancer. One study found that those who experience huge levels of stress at work are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. Chronic rises in stress hormones can also cause skin disorders and accelerate the growth of precancerous cells and tumors.

As we evolved as humans, the ‘stress response’ saved our lives by triggering the ‘fight or flight’ reaction to dangerous situations i.e. fleeing predators. But today we are utilizing the same ‘life saving reaction’ by coping with immense work pressure, difficult bosses, financial burdens, traffic jams, public speaking and other stress inducing situations – and we have a hard time turning it off. The impact of stress on the body and mind is immense and can lead to clinical depression, severe anxiety and, inevitably, higher stress rates lead to a lower life expectancy.

How to Cope with Stress – Derive More Pleasure from Life

Inevitably a healthy lifestyle, good wholesome nutrition, exercise and meditation are wonderful ways in which to cope with daily tension. Everybody finds their own way of handling life’s pressures and we all find a release within some form of distraction. Stress is closely linked to the experience of pleasure, relating to the binding of dopamine to pleasure receptors to the brain. Deriving more pleasure in one’s life is crucial to one’s overall health.  An effective and proven solution of combating stress is the enjoyment of adult massage London therapy.  Adult massage London therapy offers men and women a safe way in which to release prolonged stress.  These mesmerizing adult massages are designed to deplete all muscular and emotional tension, hence leaving you happier and more energized to face life’s challenges.  This luxurious Art form of Adult Massage London Therapy has become a hugely popular stress busting method. The massage uses Tantric Massage techniques to increase physical stimulation and sensory awareness, leaving the recipient of the massage in a state of ethereal bliss. It is deeply relaxing and a profound form of relaxation therapy which is key to a more pleasurable life.

According to neurology research, humans require useful biological coping mechanisms for stress and suffering i.e leisure time and pleasure. The pleasure of an adult massage in London is a wonderful way in which to release all tension. It is a deeply pleasurable and emotionally uplifting experience. Adult Massage London Therapists seek to reduce stress by working on the body and tensed muscles. This in turn helps calm the mind. Many psychological problems can be purely physical. Go directly to the body and you can create mood changes that last for days. Adult Massage London therapy is a drugless therpay – perhaps the oldest therapy, predating most medicines, spirits and stimulants. Instead of pursuing ‘toxic happiness’ with the use of alcohol and other stimulants, adult massage is encouraged as it flips your thrill switch and relinquishes your tension in a setting that feels safe and secure.