London Tantric Massage

A London Tantric Massage adventure with an Elite Massage Company like Peachy Massage London is the perfect antidote to a hectic lifestyle. We all know London is a wonderful yet wildly challenging City. Anxiety and stress is prevalent amongst us all yet we often oversee the need to unwind from the pressure cooker of life. Travelling to sunny cities is often the way forth for most but this is a temporary measure.

A Luxury London Tantric Massage will melt away your tension and heal you emotionally as well as physically. Regular sessions of Tantric Massage Therapy will re-energise your body and revitalise you from head to toe. The magical power of touch is often more beneficial than some quick fix escapism holiday cure for stress and anxiety. A Luxury London Tantric Massage is life changing – YES just like the lottery – but with us you just have to book to win!

London Tantric Massage – Legalities

Unlike conventional massage, London Tantric Massage incorporates naturism as well as blissful body to body massage techniques. This Signature Treatment, however, does not incorporate sexual services, despite huge scepticism. Giving a full body to body naked massage does not mean sexual services are included. In fact, customers drawn to a London Tantric Massage do not wish for further intimacy. They purely seek sensual tantric massage therapy with a delightful, fabulously friendly Masseuse. This may be hard for many sceptics to believe yet it is the absolute truth.

Peachy Massage London is a registered limited company – a legal brand – and as one of the very best London Tantric Massage Agencies we have excelled for 8 years in this industry, we are the original and the best, your body is in very safe hands. Quality is far more important than quantity and despite many copycat companies trying to denigrate our good reputation, we battle forth and always succeed, thanks to our dedication and terrific Team of Tantric Masseuses, all of whom are super special in their own unique way.

The Art of London Tantric Massage is, in fact, legal despite the controversy surrounding this ‘taboo’ subject. The entire focus of this heavenly form of massage therapy is to relieve muscle tension, increase the energy flow throughout your body, ease aches and pains, as well as to uplift your spirits through the power of seductive massage touch. At Peachy Headquarters, we let the hands do the talking! We aim to bring pleasure to your life with the ultimate London Tantric Massage. A fact and Our Peachy Promise to You.

It is rather hypocritical that in this frenetic modern society there are constant uber erotic and nude images of women in magazines, newspapers, as well as on TV and the Internet, some of which are crude and profoundly sexual. If you tune into MTV, 99% of the music videos are full of gyrating females scantily clad in lingerie or leotards thrusting themselves vulgarly so as to be appreciated, despite their singing abilities. It is shocking and more to the point – terrible that young people are exposed to this and copy their vulgarity. Yet despite these vivid obscene scenes, there are unreasonable objections to London Tantric Massage Therapy – albeit with an Elite Tantric Company such as Peachy and very few others. It does not make sense. It is Nonsense.

London Tantric Massage Therapists, only the best!

Despite daily massage applications from the most beautiful ladies, we are stringent about recruiting the right masseuses. Good looks alone simply do not work. Personality is key, as well as enthusiasm, elegance, reliability, dedication and sound communication skills. Finding a true Peach is never easy. We select our Tantric Massage Therapists very carefully, ensuring they are exude warmth and friendliness. This is absolutely crucial. The majority of our Peaches have had previous Tantric massage experience, however, we always ensure they are fully trained and tested no matter what.

London Tantric Massage Couple

It is bad practice to recruit a Masseuse purely based on her beauty and ‘supposed’ massage experience. Sadly and shamefully, many London Tantric Massage Agencies do this! This is unethical and often a complete let down for the client. At Peachy HQ, we ensure all of our Masseuses are good natured, skilled in the Art of Tantric Massage, receive further Tantric training, as well as advice on conservative dress code, etiquette and making the customer feel extra special and completely at ease.

We have our own special brand of Peachy Massage Oil which is truly sensational – a natural lubricant and scent free. We have a connection with a Swiss Company who provide the very best massage oils worldwide. We – myself and my business Manager- endeavour to meet our lovely ladies often in order to ‘have a catch up,’ and ensure they are all happy and healthy. I believe in absolute client confidentiality, thus, once the booking is complete we eradicate all client details and merely save the first name such as ‘John.’ Naturally, there are thousands of Johns! This protects the client and we refuse to retain records of personal address details, which many other London Tantric Companies do. This is bad practice. As an ethical English led Tantric Massage Company we also display authentic photos of our Massage Therapists. Some ladies have their faces cropped slightly – yet as a potential client you still get a very good idea as to how she looks. I also write a truthful synopsis of each Peach. Our Masseuses love and embrace Tantric Therapy yet some Masseuses also wish to have some form of confidentiality, which is natural. People can be far too judgemental and assuming, as we all know.

London Tantric Massages Peach of The Month

Each month, for over 8 years, we have nominated and congratulated the very best London Tantric Massage Therapist. This popular super performing Peach appears on the Home Page and is rewarded with a glorious gift – often a 5 Star Dining Experience or a 5 Star Hotel Spa London Massage. We select the best Masseuse of the Month by evaluating consistently positive feedback so please do leave your Peachy Masseuse feedback.

Sienna has been truly triumphant by being recognised as one of the best Tantric Massage Therapists for two consecutive months. We are fair and she received constant exceptional feedback. October’s Peach of the Month may be more difficult! Pandora, Myla and fresh new Peach Scarlett have been working like Trojans and all received fabulous feedback. Let’s wait and see! Please do have your say and share your feedback with us.

Why opt for a London Tantric Massage?

Why not? We all, as human beings, feel the need to be pampered, caressed and touched. This soothing treatment is a perfect remedy for stress, anxiety, insomnia and jet lag. I hasten to add, it also adds a safe form of intimacy to your life, which sadly many people lack in this fast- paced computerised orientated World. We all need to find time for pleasure and pampering. Women are better at this than men. Consequently, men are prone to severe stress.

If you are office-bound and overworked, London Tantric Massage Therapy will work wonders for you. Drifting into a deep sense of calm and serenity will melt away all your anxieties. Furthermore, the excitement of a sensual massage will perk you up and add some joie de vivre to your world. Taking a break and finding time for intimacy in a safe environment is important. London Escort Agencies will never fill that inner void. London Tantric massage offers complete comfort, fulfilment and enhanced pleasure.

Choose Peachy for the very best London Tantric Adventure

Nurturing and divinely indulgent full body massage treatment promotes a deep sense of relaxation, culminating in a euphoric release. We welcome all ladies, gentlemen and couples to our wonderful World and cherish every individual. Our Signature London Tantric Therapy will restore your equilibrium so you are fully energised and ready for the challenges ahead. Allow Peachy to de-stress you to undress. We care. We Love. We Live Life. Come and join us and feel free.

Heidi xxx