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Erotic Massage London

Erotic Massage London – Peachy Massage® London

Why opt for an Erotic Massage in London?

When people ask me why I set up an erotic massage London business, my response is simple: touch, intimacy and sensual communication are crucial in order to function fully as a human being. We all subconsciously crave the power of touch yet some of us hit the grindstone of daily work demands and overlook the significance of intimacy.  There are a few sceptics who play devil’s advocate and insist all men want sexual intercourse as opposed to experiencing erotic massage and I understand their point, however, not all men enjoy the cold and ‘wham bam thank you Mam’ style of escort services. Instead, many prefer the sensual pleasure of an erotic massage London service. My clients often report that the experience of an erotic massage is much more tender, relaxing and exciting.  The client is made to feel special, liberated and intoxicated by the power of sensual massage.  He is built up along a racy roller-coaster ride of exaltation with tantalizing tantric massage techniques and silky soft strokes. The crowning glory is magnificently majestic. With the sound of sensual massage melodies, the aroma of scented candles and pure natural oils, the recipient drifts into a trance and allows the masseuse to take full control of his body.  Many career driven men love the fact that they can relinquish control occasionally and allow another human being to take complete control.  Men are also immensely visual beings so love the visual aspect of the erotic massage experience. It is visually explosive and mind-altering. These London erotic massages are truly exhilarating and out-of-this-world.

Who chooses an erotic massage London experience?

The majority of clients who utilize this service are male. Many business men travelling to London relish unwinding with a sensual massage after a long and demanding day. There are also a large percentage of local residents in London who favour massage because they lack intimacy in their lives. Some single and others in relationships. Whilst I do not condone infidelity to one’s partner, I am not in a position to judge and relationships can be complex.  We know of, see and hear of troubled relationships all the time and very often there is a lack of sensual intimacy after many years of being together. This is natural. My belief is that human beings, particularly men are not programmed to have one sexual partner for life. Men’s innate response is to reproduce with as many women as possible so as to pass on their genes. Thus, men often find it hard to be entirely faithful – unless of course, they have an open-minded, sexually exploratory and libidinous partner. Such partnerships do exist and a small percentage of erotic massage London clients are, in fact, couples. These couples report that it is extremely arousing to see one’s partner being massaged whilst feeling the same erotic massage sensations themselves. It is extremely exciting yet safe and non-threatening. It allows these particular couples to explore and adds a new sensual dimension to the relationship. After years of being together, it is wise to explore such fantasies together. The percentage of purely female clients who opt for erotic massages in London is considerably low. It appears that women are not so experimental with sensual massage which is tragic as it is such a beautiful and emotionally positive experience. Some women feel threatened by eroticism, preferring to blank it out and purely seek mental stimulation. The few female clients who have experienced the Yoni massage are natural sensualists and freely explore their fantasies, which is truly wonderful and adds to life’s rich tapestry.

Make Your Life Peachy

As an avid sensualist, I would strongly encourage all men, ladies and couples to sample an erotic massage in London at least once in their lives. Life is too short to deny the pleasure of sensual massage and erotic touch. I hasten to add that once you do sample the delights, you are highly likely to become addicted to this Art Form of Seductive Touch. And what a positive addiction to have: liberating, awe-inspiring and life-affirming!