Erotic Massage Guide

Erotic Massage Guide

Over twenty years ago, therapeutic massage was a painful ordeal. The notion that pleasure could be derived from therapeutic massage was denounced as evil, even sinful. The practice of massage was very clinical and unfriendly. The recipient of the massage reclined on what looked suspiciously like an operating table and implements such as bandages, syringes and medications filled the room.  Due to puritanical pressure, practitioners even viewed the body as evil and the body had to be tortured back into good health!

Over the years, thankfully, a new form of massage emerged that denounced puritanical methods, Erotic massage therapy; a warm, friendly, sensuous massage. Without sex, this massage spread pleasure over every inch of the recipient’s body, worked on every muscle and joint and gave distinct physical pleasure. Erotic massage transformed every part of the body and made the recipient feel warm and alive.

Preparation for Erotic Massage

An erotic full body massage is one of life’s most delicious experiences. We were born to massage, to give pleasure with our hands. Massage is ‘educated touch.’  People generally love being touched. Unhurried contact with the recipient’s body initiates a warm, deeply relaxing feeling and huge tension is released.

In order to carry out a full body erotic massage it is firstly essential to choose a warm, quiet place to perform the massage.  It is important to eliminate any cold drafts. Any such chill will immediately cause the muscles to tighten. Your recipient must be warm for erotic massage to succeed. Any external or internal noise such as traffic, phones or fans should be eradicated.  Anything that shatters the mood should be regarded as a violation. Warm, soft towels should be placed over a moderately firm massage surface i.e. the bed and the bedroom should be adorned with candles. Dimmed lighting is essential. Soft, sensuous music arouses the auditory senses and helps create the right ambiance for erotic massage. The recipient’s sense of hearing will be particularly acute during an erotic massage so choosing the right kind of music is advisable. Choose soothing music that will complement, not compete with the mood and ensure it plays without interruption. Generally, background music for erotic massage works best at a lower volume level.

Before commencing the full body erotic massage, it is crucial that your hands are warm. Cold hands will simply shock the recipient, thus,it is advisable to wash your hands with hot water. The heat will soften your hands and make them feel smooth and inviting. Trimmed and filed fingernails is a must – razor sharp fingernails are not advisable for massage. Your hands must be in continuous contact with the recipient’s body from the moment you begin the massage to the end of the last stroke. This allows for a complete and continuous connection with the massage recipient.

The Tools for Erotic Massage

The most important tools for massage are: a high quality massage oil such as Pjur or Peachy Massage oil, soft towels and candles. Everybody loves a warm, fluffy towel that feel s luxurious and warm. Massage oil should be easily accessible during the entirety of the massage.


As a Masseuse giving the erotic massage, it is super important to be warm, friendly and calm. A brusque, super-efficient manner is disconcerting for the recipient. Your initial approach as a Masseuse establishes the mood. Being in the right mind set is vital, so it is important to forget about time limits, schedules, clocks and phones. Everything you do as a Masseuse is transmitted directly to the recipient’s body so a calm, friendly approach is essential.

Generosity of Touch

Massage has a simple programme: give the recipient what he/she wants. Listen and watch for the recipient’s requests: the moans of pleasure, the secret smiles, body movements.

Rhythm and Touch

Massage is hypnosis of the body. Be generous with your massage strokes. Long circulation strokes and a steady rhythm establish the right mood. Never break body contact. It is crucial to always remain in continuous physical contact with the recipient, even when moving from one part of the body to another. If you need both hands elsewhere for a moment, use your foot, side of an arm or knee to stay in contact. As a Masseuse, your touch becomes a physical bond between you and the recipient.  Never break this bond.


Massage oil feels best when it is warmer than the recipient’s body temperature so before beginning the erotic massage process, immerse your bottle of massage oil in a sink or pot of heated water to bring it to a comfortable temperature.

Add the massage oil to your own hands – never pour it directly onto the recipient’s body. To maintain the contact, press the back of your hand against the recipient’s body whilst your pour the massage oil into your palm. A high quality massage oil allows the Masseuse’s hands to move smoothly without pulling the skin. Spread the massage oil in broad flat-hand strokes over the body you intend to massage. Too much oil will cause your hands to skid all over the recipient’s body. Too little and the massage degenerates into jerky, uncomfortable motions. Simply add enough massage oil to feel your recipient’s skin as your hands glide over it. If you feel the skin drying out during the massage, apply additional oil.

It is vital not to confuse massage oiling with applying suntan lotion, which is typically rubbed into the body as impersonally as possible. In fact, the majority of people haven’t been gently oiled by another human being since early childhood. In childhood, oiling the body was a tender ceremony. It still is in adulthood.

Massaging the Body

It is advisable to divide the full body erotic massage into two unequal parts: the front and back of the body. Relax the recipient’s back first and then everything else will follow. A preferred sequence is as follows;

  1. Massage the back
  2. Massage the back of the right leg and buttock.
  3. Massage the back of the left leg and buttock.
  4. Massage the back of the right foot.
  5. Massage the back of the left foot.
  6. Massage the front of the right foot.
  7. Massage the front of the left foot.
  8. Massage the front of the right leg.
  9. Massage the front of the left leg.
  10. Massage the chest with sweeping motions.
  11. Massage the right arm.
  12. Massage the right hand.
  13. Massage the left arm.
  14. Massage the left hand.
  15. Massage the head and face tenderly.
  16. Stroke over the entire region of the body.

Choose a variety of strokes when performing your erotic massage. Kneading is used to relieve tightness within the muscles, friction to focus on aches and pains, compression to spread deep sensual sensations and percussion to wake up an unfeeling body. Strong circulation strokes should be applied and the smaller parts of the body require just as much attention as the larger parts. Each stroke causes the recipient to engage on a process of sensual  discovery . Waves of pure sensory pleasure will flow through their body during the erotic massage journey and tactile deprivation is replaced with pure erotic pleasure.

26th September 2014 Heidi