Discovering Tantric Touch
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Discovering Tantric Touch

Tantric Touch takes erotic massage to the next level and recipients experience a more profound level of sensual awareness. Tantra can mean different things to different people and some view it as a mysterious practice. However, for those who have experienced tantric massage it represents a very practical way in which to heighten the sensual connection between two beings.

Tantric massage focuses on stimulating the ‘energy body’ and encourages the flow of energy through the chakras. Tantric philosophy determines that we have a physical body as well as an energetic or subtle body that consists of chakras. The seven chakras in the body represent a different plane of awareness. The first chakra is on the perineum and the seventh chakra is situated at the crown of the head. The ones in between are situated at the lower abdomen, the heart, the solar plexus, throat and brow. Tantric massage is about moving energy up through the chakras which heals the body of any tension stored and leaves the massage recipient feeling invigorated.

The principle aim of Tantric massage is to harness sexual energy and to redirect it through the chakras, rather than simply dispelling it externally through orgasm. Tantra focuses on building up erotic pleasure slowly so the blissful sensations within the body are enhanced and last. This allows for a deeper sense of connection with your massage recipient or your lover.

The core principles of Tantra; breathing, eye contact, visualization, eye contact and massage techniques enable the recipient to slip into a deep meditative trance whereby he/she is purely in the moment, allowing all tension to dissipate.

Tantric Massage dissolves body armouring

Body Armouring is a concept developed by the Austrian/American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (1897 -1956) which is the process of physically shutting down in response to negative or traumatic experiences in life. Many of us store tension in our muscles and bodies due to negative emotional experiences or traumas and, consequently, our bodies become closed and insensitive to touch. This is because the body’s energy flow is blocked which diminishes our physical responses and pleasure. Tantric Massage dissolves this tension, increases the energy flow up through the chakras and as a result sensitivity returns.

Tantric Massage is A Healing Massage

Tantric Massage is designed to overcome body armouring by slowly and methodically massaging tension away. The way in which a massage is performed is more important than the massage techniques  applied. A healing Tantric massage needs to be given with tenderness and compassion. Lover often report that Tantric Massage increases their level of intimacy because it involves a high level of trust and vulnerability.

Sensual Awakening     

Tantric Massage, thus, tunes into and harnesses your sexual energy which in turn heightens your sensual pleasure.  This form of massage turns erotic pleasure into an entire body experience, rather than a purely genital experience. Tantric Massage cultivates erotic blissful sensations that course throughout the body and vibrations can be felt from head to toe. Every inch of the body is awakened, refreshed and energized. Tantric Massage is a form of healing. It is affectionate, loving and very spiritual.

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