Body To Body Massage London

Lonely in London – indulge in a perfectly Peachy body to body Massage London

In this fabulous large city of London – despite the ample opportunities if offers with its large leafy parks, museums, art centres, theatres and varied restaurants – there are thousands of people who feel terribly lonesome and dejected. It seems that with the progression of technology – our main friendships are merely on Facebook and conversing with a friend entails Facetime on your phone – rather than face to face meetings. As a result people feel disconnected, empty and uneasy.

When I set up Peachy Massage London, I was aware of this general malaise and social solitude and felt the isolation myself – despite having hundreds of friends on ‘Facebook’ and a few friends who were still not in serious relationships.  In your twenties you are surrounded by friends but as we hit our thirties many of these friends naturally move cities, countries and settle down with their partners and children. That’s the norm. For those who are more sceptical about rushing into marriage, life can become more challenging. Instead of meeting unconventionally on a train, plane or in a peaceful park, we now rely on Internet dating websites such as or another website such as PlentyofFish  which I do not object to. I still have that old fashioned wonderful way of enjoying meeting a potential partner in a more natural setting. There are even apps now like Tinder which are purely superficial and based on purely looks. Personality is hugely important or is that an old fashioned way of thought too?

Years ago whilst in my thirties, after recognizing and feeling this immense seclusion within London Society, I set up Peachy Massage so as to offer a safe form of ‘human interaction,’ ‘connection’ and intimacy in the form of tantric massage merged with Body to Body Massage. Hastily and rather judgementally various people recoiled at the thought of this beautiful body to body massage London Peachy Empire. Many frowned upon such a form of sensuous massage, wrongly stating that it was a pretext for sexual intercourse. On the contrary, I purely wanted and still maintain a Luxury body to body massage service which offers ladies, gentlemen and couples an immense release from their daily tension.  This sensual body to body London Art Form gives clients intimacy without having sexual intercourse. The Masseuse is in full control and lovingly and seductively massages your entire torso using pure natural hypoallergenic Peachy massage oils. After the stress of a demanding day or perhaps you are a business executive who has to endure the humdrum of constant travel, staying endlessly in hotel rooms and receiving no real loving human interaction, touch or gentle connection. What better way to add some pleasure to your life and indulge in complete relaxation with a full body to body massage whilst in London?  Not only will these super sensuous massages wake up your listless libido, they ultimately have huge health benefits. Massage strokes increase blood circulation. Circulation strokes force open the valves and tone the capillaries while slowing down the heart, an affect that cannot be duplicated outside of massage. As a result, you will function better at work and feel more confident in your daily life. Fatigue and stress cause your body to be sluggish with acidic wastes and toxins.  A full body to body Adult Relaxation Massage creates a massive fluid release effect which allows your torso to feel weightless and feather light once infused with energy and zest.

Some psychological problems are purely physical phenomenon. Go directly to the body by giving a deeply relaxing body to body massage and you can create a mood change that lasts for hours, even days. Massage is a drugless therapy – perhaps the oldest therapy predating most medicines and stimulants. Why self-medicate with drugs and alcohol when you have the perfect Peachy aphrodisiac in the form of a Luxurious London Body to Body Massage.  In modern society, with its enormous pressures and obvious alienation, it is no wonder why many people escape their torment by drinking alcohol or sampling drugs. The main organisations to help people combat these addictions are Alcoholics Anonymous Great Britain Ltd  – a truly sensational fellowship founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Dr Bob Smith in Ohio.  Today this fellowship continues world-wide and there are hundreds of meetings around London allowing men and women to share their experiences with the hope of solving their mutual problems with a view to also  helping others become sober.

There is also Narcotics Anonymous which is a ‘non-profit fellowship of men and women for whom drugs has become a major problem.’ NA and AA are both fabulous forms of help.

At Peachy we are also here to help. Let us be your new ‘addictively good’ form of pleasure. Erotic body to body massage is one of life’s great pleasures and you owe it to yourself.  By awakening sensually deprived parts of the body, you will feel more wholesome, happy and relaxed. Isn’t it great being in control?! Make Your Life Peachy with London’s very best body to body massage.