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Sexy Massage London Information

Sexy Massage London Sexy Massage London therapy is offered to adults wishing to add a form of sensuality to their lives. Sensuality in the form of massage manipulation with Tantric massage techniques. Sexy Massage is not an invitation to sexual intercourse. It is important to understand this before embarking on your sexy massage London journey. […]

Foot Fetish Fantasy Story

‘Manolo Blahnik,’ he said, ‘This season’s Olympic inspired footwear in bronze, silver and gold.’ ‘You know your shoes,’ I said laughing. ‘Yes I have a fascination with ladies’ shoes,’ ‘And feet.’ ‘So you’re a podiatrist,’ I joked cheekily. ‘No. But I’d like to be!’  ‘No nail salon’, he added, ‘I’m just a connoisseur.’ I slipped […]

Erotic Soapy Massage Fantasy Story

The Wonders of Wet and Wild Soapy Massage King for a Day A tsunami of soapy lather foamed forth along my torso. The warm water trickled down our bodies like happy tears. The mere essence of the Peachy soap suds aroused my senses. The burning light from the candles highlighted her beautiful frame which I […]

Guide to Erotic Massage London

Guide to Erotic Massage London What is Erotic Massage? Erotic Massage differs from therapeutic massage manipulation in that this form of Massage Therapy is purely for Adults and includes sensual body to body stimulation.  Erotic Massage does include therapeutic Swedish massage strokes to enhance relaxation, however, it is predominately about arousing all of your senses […]

Nude Massage London

What is so special about experiencing Nude Massage London Therapy? Many people believe a nude massage is simply a case of a massage therapist performing a ‘rub and tug’ massage whilst naked. This conjures up images of a ‘quick thrill’ or a ‘rushed release.’ It is important to understand that an Executive nude massage London […]

Sensual Massage London

Sensual Massage London Pleasure with Peachy Pleasures Sensual Massage is a form of sensuality offered to adults, allowing them to explore all their senses and add some much needed intimacy into their lives. It does not imply that sexual intercourse takes place. On the contrary, sensual massage is about relinquishing all control and allowing the […]

Erotic Massage London

Erotic Massage London – Peachy Massage London Why opt for an Erotic Massage in London? When people ask me why I set up an erotic massage London business, my response is simple: touch, intimacy and sensual communication are crucial in order to function fully as a human being. We all subconsciously crave the power of […]

For the Love of Lingerie

A gift of luxurious lingerie for your lover is a present for you both to enjoy. She will feel sexy wearing a saucy little outfit so ultimately this is a turn on for you. Mutual pleasure, indeed. Understandably, some men feel embarrassed buying lingerie. For fear of being perceived as a pervert browsing ladies’ panties, […]

The Rise of Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage is an incredibly exciting, enthralling and sensuous massage journey that will change and enhance your libido as well as your relationship. Erotic massage leads recipients to discover new depths of intimacy and awareness of their own and their lover’s sexuality. We in the West can learn much from the Eastern tradition of erotic […]

My Erotic Massage experience – Fantasy Story

I had secured a multi-million pound deal for the Firm and needed to celebrate in style. I work hard so shall play harder! My motto in this demanding life. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of eroticism. So treating myself to a fabulous erotic massage in London was a real reward. I am well […]