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Discovering Tantric Touch

Discovering Tantric Touch Tantric Touch takes erotic massage to the next level and recipients experience a more profound level of sensual awareness. Tantra can mean different things to different people and some view it as a mysterious practice. However, for those who have experienced tantric massage it represents a very practical way in which to […]

The Benefits of Erotic Massage London Therapy

The Benefits of Erotic Massage London Therapy Erotic Massage London Therapy has been liberated from the austere, impersonal clinical model of therapeutic massage. Erotic Massage London Therapy incorporates a fusion of Swedish Massage and a large sprinkle of seductive touch. This does not imply that sexual intercourse is on the menu. On the contrary, erotic […]

A Fabulous Full Body Massage

A fabulous Full Body Massage Masseurs reduce stress by working on the body, rather than the mind. It is rare to be able to ‘talk’ someone out of tension. When stressed, the ‘fight’ impulse causes the muscles to tighten all over the body and the vascular system slows down. The blood supply to surface tissues […]

Massage Guide

Massage Guide After experiencing the indulgence of a full body erotic massage, every part of your body will feel restored and energized. The natural high lasts for hours. One hour of pure peaceful sensual massage stabilizes the mind as well as the body. You will experience a meditative state which banishes all nervous tension and […]

Erotic Massage Interview

Erotic Massage Interview – with Elite Masseuse Jessie.  Background questions ( a little insight into A  Peachy Masseuse’s day to day life/background) Jessie where are you from? I am a traveller,  and I haven’t lived in one place for more than 5 years. I am a mix of cool Scandinavian winters and hot Australian summers, thus, […]

The Benefits of Erotic Massage

Benefits of Erotic Massage Real Happiness as opposed to Toxic Happiness Therapeutic massage blended with erotic massage has profound and wonderful effects physically and emotionally for all beings. Virtually every part of the body feels energized and restored after a full body erotic massage and this produces a natural high, which is far better and […]

Erotic Massage Guide

Erotic Massage Guide Over twenty years ago, therapeutic massage was a painful ordeal. The notion that pleasure could be derived from therapeutic massage was denounced as evil, even sinful. The practice of massage was very clinical and unfriendly. The recipient of the massage reclined on what looked suspiciously like an operating table and implements such […]

Outcall Massage London Guide

Outcall Massage London Guide Outcall Massage London Services are now prevalent and there are various forms of massage services offered. An outcall London massage service does not necessarily mean a sensual massage service is offered – there are many mobile massage services simply offering therapeutic massage, without a sensual element. However, the majority of Massage […]

Adult Massage London Guide

Adult Massage London Therapy The adult massage London Industry is now prevalent with hundreds of companies from which to choose. However, it is important to consider the following factors: Are you simply seeking a form of full body erotic massage, typically termed ‘adult massage?’ Or are you searching for a true Tantric Massage experience? There […]

Erotic Massage London Guide

Erotic Massage London Therapy We are all aware of the connotations attached to ‘Erotic Massage London Therapy.’ Many people assume erotic massage is a synonym for sexual services due to the term, ‘erotic.’ However, it is important to bear in mind that the majority of established and Executive Erotic Massage London Services DO NOT offer […]