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Body to Body Massage London

What is body to body massage? A body to body London Massage is as described. Your personal Masseuse utilises her entire torso against your body to increase the waves of sensuality that will soar through you. As a recipient you relinquish all control and simply allow your Masseuse to blow your mind with this magical melange of therapeutic […]

Naked Massage London

What is a naked Massage? A naked massage is a naturist massage whereby both the massage therapist and the client are naked during the whole process. Thus, the massage is performed by a nude massage therapist with warm, natural oils. However, this is not the most important factor of this form of adult relaxation massage […]

Valentine’s Day – How did it all begin?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated world wide every year on the 14th February. It’s a day of expressing one’s love and affection to loved ones by exchanging gifts such as flowers, chocolates and cards. It’s a veritable celebration of romance. The history of Valentine’s Day is, however, shrouded with mystery. Popular belief contends that Saint Valentine […]

Beat the January Blues and Make it Peachy!

Beat the January Blues and Make it Peachy! A London Tantric Massage is the perfect Peachy Remedy for You After the full on festivities of Christmas, family gatherings, over indulging in rich food and celebrating to excess, the body builds up an enormity of stress (as well as a protective fatty layer!) so it’s important […]

Erotic Massage Liverpool Street

Liverpool Street is one of London’s busiest commuter areas, serving 123 million visitors a year at the famous Liverpool Street Station. Liverpool Street is located at the North East edge of the City of London and is considered to be the historical financial district of London. Major attractions include the rather peculiar looking Gherkin Tower […]

What gives Peachy Massage London the ‘Wow Factor?’

Firstly and foremost, we are humble enough to reiterate that we are not blowing our own trumpet! As an ethical English led company we do, in fact, have humility. However, like all successful companies and people, we are proud of what we have created and overjoyed to have survived the savage sabotage, competition and blunders […]

The Pursuit of Happiness

All human beings are in search of a nirvana like state of happiness yet so often we stumble and fail to even achieve a fragment of happiness. We are all caught up in our predicable patterns of life, the monotony of work schedules and copious life constraints. Many of us feel ‘trapped,’ or ‘enslaved’ – […]

Sexy Massage London

Sexy Massage London It is interesting to discover how certain people perceive a ‘Sexy Massage London Service.’ Some individuals make hasty, irrational judgments and believe that sexual contact is involved. However, an Elite Sexy Massage London Service will purely offer eroticism in the form of massage and Tantric touch. It is not about sexual intimacy. […]