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Sensual Massage Joy

When it comes to sensuality and eroticism, you’ll readily find it in our sensual massage services. For centuries, massage therapy has been used to soothe physical ailments. Ancient documentation shows that it not only relaxes people, it can also arouse and provide intimacy and eroticism. Sensual massage focuses on stroking and manipulating various body parts. […]

Body to body massage London

Improving Intimacy in your Relationship with Tantric Massage

One of the most frequently used reasons for divorce is a lack of communication, yet sex and passion are intimately linked with communication. Without communication in a partnership, there is no sexual passion in a marriage. A truly happy marriage is one that  can be defined  as ‘being best friends’ ‘who have chemistry and passion […]

The Very Best Sensual Massage Service London Has To Offer!

As the designer/creator of one of the first sensual massage London Services created, Peachy Massage London Ltd has learnt a huge amount, as have our cherished clients. The main percentage of our clientele are intelligent gentlemen- business men living in or travelling to London, often over-worked and under-nourished by the crucial connection and bond of […]

The Peachy Team – An Insight Into Our World

As a company we believe in regular Peachy meetings – whether that is a simple coffee and catch up, a trip to London zoo, going to the cinema and ever so occasionally being spoiled with a lavish lunch! I strongly believe it’s crucial for all of my truly remarkable Tantric Masseuses to meet and connect […]

The Principal Difference in Erotic Massage and Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage can be performed by both women and men and for many Couples, tantric massage is a wonderful way in which to ignite sexual foreplay in order to get both partners fired up! There is so much confusion and misunderstanding around the concept of Tantra and Tantric Massage. Some people automatically conjure up images […]