Beat the January Blues and Make it Peachy!

Beat the January Blues and Make it Peachy! A London Tantric Massage is the perfect Peachy Remedy for You

After the full on festivities of Christmas, family gatherings, over indulging in rich food and celebrating to excess, the body builds up an enormity of stress (as well as a protective fatty layer!) so it’s important to release that stress, eradicate those terrible toxins and feel invigorated with a London Tantric Massage. All of your woes and pent up tension will be massaged away by one of our highly skilled and fully trained Peachy Masseuses, leaving you more present and powerful to battle through the winter month of January and be positively productive at work.

Experiencing a London Tantric Massage is also about fulfilling one of life’s most profound moments and passions. These masterly massages are hypnotic, spell-binding and exhilarating. They are truly life-affirming.

A Peachy London Tantric Massage is not about ‘sexuality,’ or ‘sexual intimacy.’ Instead we focus on giving you a real therapeutic massage, as well as channelling your entire energy flow by utilising Tantric techniques by focusing on the chakras. It is a healthy sensuality. A heightened feeling of connectedness without partaking in sexual intercourse. Our massages offer you a fabulous full body massage, soft sweeping caresses with black feathers and gentle touch, as well as a sensual tantric flavour to heighten all of your senses to the point of ethereal bliss. These London Tantric Massages are physically and emotionally liberating and all of our happy regular customers can vehemently vouch for that.

The Peachy Team is here to help you combat stress as well as to add some pleasure to those mundane winter days. All of our Masseuses have returned from their Christmas holidays feeling fully refreshed, energised and eager to add some Peachy Magic to your day. Tiger-Lilly has returned from sunny Australia. Naturally we are envious of her heavenly holiday soaking up the rays! Amira is, presently, exploring the US but soon to return. Danni soaked up the sunny delights in Indonesia and is glowing with health. Sadly, this treasured Aussie Peach is returning Downunder in July. We shall miss her laughter, smile and huge wit. Angel is pursuing her studies and eager to get Peachy most evenings. Sophie travelled extensively and is sparkling with health and enthusiasm. Pandora looks even more magnificent after her Christmas break and her smile is even bigger! Our Dream Team of London Tantric Massage therapists are even more positive about 2016 and want to make it a perfectly Peachy year for you ladies and gents.

Live your Life and Make it Peachy with the most enthralling London Tantric Massage!