Adult Massage London Guide

Adult Massage London Therapy

The adult massage London Industry is now prevalent with hundreds of companies from which to choose. However, it is important to consider the following factors: Are you simply seeking a form of full body erotic massage, typically termed ‘adult massage?’ Or are you searching for a true Tantric Massage experience? There is a big difference. Many adult massage London agencies offer massages in the form of a simple sensuous body to body massage. However, Tantric Massage techniques focus on your empowerment, healing, sensual energy flow, as well as improving your emotional and physical well-being. Tantric Massage is not simply an adult massage. Tantric Massage is a superior sensual relaxation massage for adults with great expectations. There is no sexual intercourse involved which is crucial to bear in mind! Tantric Massage is healing, loving and deeply relaxing. The recipient’s body is massaged with a concoction of differing massage strokes and breathing techniques are advised so as to achieve a state of bliss and complete contentment.

Adult Massage London Therapy is simply about using your hands to bring immense pleasure to another human being, without the coldness of traditional massage therapy. Typically, Swedish massage strokes, as well as body to body massage techniques are applied. The massage is ‘sensual’ – not sexual. You don’t have to be sexually involved to be touched! Once we get past some of the absurd taboos that inhibit sensual expression in our society, you can receive great pleasure from an Adult Massage London experience.

Tantric healing massage is about celebrating our sensuality. It acts as a gateway to self-realization – an opportunity to realize who you really are by looking within yourself. The goal is to achieve a state of bliss and clarity and it is with this new sense of heightened awareness you will cope with life better and realize your full potential. Tantric healing massage is often misunderstood. Many connotations are attached to the word, ‘Tantra.’ A Google search for the word ‘Tantra’ produced over 24 million hits, according to Martin Jelfs, an Intergrative Psychotherapist in London:

‘It has become the hobby of pop stars and on many parts of the internet,
something that looks rather like porn and sexual services. It seems that tantra has come from the
obscure preserve of oriental scholars to a lifestyle accessory or a selling point in the great
spiritual/cultural shopping mall of the internet. Is this a cause for celebration or mourning? A much
harder question is; What the hell is tantra?’

On the contrary, Tantric Massage is not about providing sexual services. It is, rather, a ritual of honouring, an Art Form of Touch, the weaving of consciousness and energy and the sublimation of energy.  The deep principles of Tantra focus on the body’s chakras and pulsing energy flow. A primary emphasis in Tantric Massage is the sublimation of sexual energy to fuel spiritual attainment, rather than for its release in sexual pleasure. Tantric Massage enables enlightenment by giving you a taste of bliss beyond the body and ordinary reality. Enlightenment is self-actualization. Self-actualization or self-realization leads to contentment.

The Main Principles of Tantric Massage are;

1. To honour the recipient on all levels of being; physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual.

2. To facilitate healing on all levels of the recipient’s being.

3. To propel the recipient into an erotic trance and encourage expanded pleasure.

4. To enable the recipient to experience bliss.

Tantric massage London Therapy enables the recipient to experience awakened awareness whilst feeling aroused, energized and relaxed at the same time. Adult Massage London Therapy focuses entirely on massage manipulation with erotic techniques. Qualified Tantric Masseuses move in a tantric way – with grace, merging energy and awareness and honouring the recipients’s body and being. It is about quality of touch. It shows us how the entire body is sensual and that, potentially, we can experience orgasmic pleasure in the whole of our being, not just the genitals.

Peachy Massage London offers all ladies, gents and couples the opportunity to experience a true Tantric Massage, which is so much more than adult massage London Therapy. Our Masseuses are highly skilled, trained in the Art of Tantra and utterly professional. When you are next in London and desire a true Tantric Treat, call Emily or Belinda and they will help you find your Peachy preference. Live an Abundant Peachy Life.

16th September 2014